Calculate compound grownth of investment in Dividend Growth stocks - a Dividend Snowball effect for SCHD - Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF - one of the most popular Dividend ETFs in the US!

SCHD, has a 10-year Dividend CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.44% and around 7.32% share price CAGR annual price appreciation, making it one of the best performing ETFs in terms of "Total Return" - principal & dividend growht (with DRIP).

SCHD latest price: $78.12
SCHD dividends: $2.67 / year (3.13% FWD yield)

yrs. SCHD
Year Start Balance Start Shares Share Price Dividend / Share Dividend Yield Yield on Cost Annual Dividend Total Dividends End Shares End Balance No Drip
1$10,000 132$76$0.74 3.91% 3.81%$427$427 153$11,627 $11,627

Once you caluclate "Dividends Snowball", table above will show annual performance: Stock Price, Dividend Payments, Yield, Yield-on-Cost, Number of Share, Tatal Return, etc., for each year.

SCHD Q2 Dividend:

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Why is SCHD so popular?

SCHD is one of the most popular (if not THE MOST POPULAR) dividend ETFs. Just go to /r/Dividends subreddit, and see for yourself!

The reason for SCHD popularity is its historic DIVIDEND growth and PRICE appreciation in excess of 10% per year, over its 12 year of existence. Look at this dividend growth and dividend yield chart for last 10 years:

SCHD 10 YEAR GROWTH 190 percent

Over the last 10 years, from January 1, 2014, to January 1, 2024, SCHD has experienced a growth of 190.1%, with dividends reinvested (DRIP). Had you invested $10,000 in SCHD 10 years ago, the current value of your shares would be approximately $29,009 today.”

Without DRIP, your shares + dividends that you have received would be would be around $25,900, which is still a respectable 159%. However, extra 31% total return clearly demonstrates the power of reinvesting your dividends!

Do you own any SCHD? If so, share with us, when you started your position, and what’s your average cost. And anything else you want to share, in the comments below.

For example, my average cost is about $66 🙂

Historic Dividend Payments & Yield for SCHD

Below is the graph of ALL SCHD dividend payments, overlayed with Dividend Yield line. As you can see both have an upward trajectory! So while your dividend payments are going up, so does you actual yeild and "Yield on Cost".

1Y 2Y 5Y 10Y All
SCHD Dividend CAGR: 1Y: 2.43% 2Y: 8.65% 5Y: 11.66% 10Y: 9.44%

The red line on the SCHD dividend graph represents the Dividend Yield on the day the dividend was paid, based on TTM (trailing twelve months) dividend payments, and SCHD share price on the dividend-payment date.

As you can see SCHD Dividend yield has hsitorically gone UP, compared to many other popular ETFs, such as VOO/SPY, etc - this means that SCHD dividend CAGR is historically higher than its share price CAGR.

And that is a GOOD THING, since your dividend grow faster than the share price. So each time you 'DRIP', you get more bang for your buck!

SCHD Historic Dividend Payments & Yield list

Below is a table of last 10 SCHD dividend payments, ex-dates, share price on the day of the payment as well as TTM & forward yield

Dividend DateDividend Amount TTM YieldForward YieldShare Price

SCHD share price grow from its inception price of $25 in 2011, to around $76 as of Jan 2024, which is around 204% increase in 12 years.

If you bought SCHD for $25 in 2011, your Yield on Cost today would be around 10.6% ($2.65 TTM dividends / $25 share price).

While historic performance is not a guarantee of future return, SCHD is likely to provide “equal to” or “greater than” S&P 500 returns.

SCHD lifetime dividends 16.37 CAGR

SCHD lifetime dividends: From $0.12 in 2011 to $0.74 in 2024 – SCHD Dividend grew 516% (16.37% CAGR) in 12 years!

SCHD Dividend Reinvestment Snowball

The reality is that today, SCHD’s dividend yield is not 10.6% … In fact it is around 3.5% based on last 4 dividend payments and current share price. This is where DIVIDEND GROWTH (as well as price appreciation) come into light, and where DRIP or Dividend Reinvestment Snowball comes into play.

As the old saying goes, “it’s not about timing the market, but about time in the market”. To get such a high yield on cost, it is crucial to invest and stay invested. DRIP or dividend reinvestment dramatically increases your total returns.

Let’s take a look at 2 hypothetical scenarios: Reinvesting dividends and not reinvesting (spending it on whatever).

If you invest $10,000 into SCHD (with additional $100/month investment), and assuming historic annual price increase of 7.67% and historic annual dividend increase of about 11.54%, without any extra investments, here is your what your portfolio would look like after 20 years, with and without DRIP:

  • Your Investment: $34,000
  • Portfolio With DRIP: $239,621 – $205,621 or 605% total return!
  • Annual Dividend: $17,403
  • Yield on Cost: 51.19%
  • Portfolio Without DRIP: $147,258 – $113,258 or 333% total return

The difference is a staggering 81.55% greater total return with dividends automatically reinvested!

By year 13, your total dividends will about the same as total investment to date – $25,331 vs $25,600.

Also, by year 17, your ANNUAL dividend will be $9,925, about the same as your initial invested amount!

If you keep going, by year 20, your total dividends will be almost 3 times higher than your TOTAL investment: $99,859 vs $34,000.

Finally, if you keep doing this for 25 years, your annual dividend will be higher than your total investment ($46,141 vs $40,000). Your total dividends collected will be $261,392 and your Yield on Cost will be 115.35%! That means that your will be getting 115.35% of your combined investment over 25 years, each year as dividend.

Year 30 is when the real magic is happening: $130,990 annual dividend (vs $46,000 total investment). $709,380 total diviends received, and $1,289,938 total portfolio value.

All it takes is patience.

None of the above is “investing advice”. Information on this website is for entertainment only!